11 Facts About Australia

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The Echidna


1. The Tropic of Capricorn runs through Queensland.

2. Australia is estimated to be 7,692,024 square Kilometers

3. Australia is the sixth largest nation.

4. Australia is the smallest continent and the largest island.

5.  Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth.

6. Australia has many unique animals, including the kangaroo, echidna, cassowary and wombat.

7. Australia has the most venomous snakes in the world (12).

8. Australian women were the second female group in the world to get the vote ( after New Zealand ).

9. The first inhabitants of Australia were the Aboriginals.

10. Aboriginals did not obtain the vote till 1967.

11. The Prieminister apologised to the Aboriginals in 2008 for the ‘Stolen Generation’ of children.



  1. Mrs Y says:

    It’s obvious from your blog title that you are very interested in the “creatures” of Australia. I also love that you have engaged with our current inquiry about Australia. We will be viewing the “Apology” later this term It was a very powerful moment in Australia’s history. It will seem all the more so after we finish reading “The Burnt Stick.”

    Mrs Y

  2. Celia Coffa says:

    I can see you have been busy experimenting with widgets and definitely have the hang of that now. Did you see that you have a visitor from USA already! How cool?
    Maybe if you ask a question in your next post you might get a comment too!
    Mrs C

  3. Sereenaan says:

    Hi my name is Sereena. I live in Canada. I didn’t know that Australia have the most venomous snakes in the world.
    Do you know anybody who has gotten bitten by a snake? Australia is place that I would like to visit one day.

  4. Dharyl says:

    Hi there I am from Mr.Miller’s Class blog and my name is Dharyl. Wow! I did not know that the tropic of Capricorn goes through Queensland. I think it is pretty ironic that it is the smallest continent but the largest island. I also did not know that the first inhabitants were the Aboriginals, then again it is in the name. Bye~

  5. chloeo says:

    Hello Sereena,
    Thank-you for commenting. My Auntie lives on a farm and has been bitten a couple of times, but is okay. Australia is a great place that you would like!

  6. Judy Noy says:

    Hi Chloe, I did not know that Australia was the 2nd country to give women the vote. It makes me proud to be Australian. Thanks for the information!

  7. chloeo says:

    Thank-you for commenting everyone! I am glad you took the time to!

  8. Tessa says:

    Hey my name is Tessa! It’s so cool that you live in Australia! I love the picture of the Echidna that you have on your post! I love Echidnas! Also I love elephants and giraffes!!

  9. Mary says:


  10. Grace says:

    These facts are really interesting to know. 😀

  11. […] British backpacker who went missing in Australia has been found safe and well. Credit: Salvatore […]

  12. lily says:

    your blog is AMAZING.
    I`m doing a high school project on the I have to do a country per week!!!
    It is sooooo frustrating!

  13. Lily says:

    I meant:
    I`m doing a high school project on the WORLD and I have to do a country a week…

    • chloeo says:

      Sounds interesting Lily. I remember doing a project on the country Ecuador last year. Maybe that’s a good idea for a post…

  14. Sarah says:

    Hi all these facts r so interesting and helping me for my homework I wish I was Australian,

  15. Sarah says:

    All these comments r so helpful on my geog homework

  16. hi says:

    this website is good

  17. ('(leah)') says:

    That was very good this could help me with my project

  18. ('(leah)') says:

    Really good looks 😉

  19. Eli says:

    This really helped my Australia brochure project!

  20. Ole says:

    Thank you for this post I used this for my School project. We were supposed to write up some facts found this in the last second and barely made it 😛

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